Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The end is nigh !

Well time and time again I say " I must update my blog" then I do some washing, check the bike over, crack open a beer or two and end up watching telly !!!
Of course I dont watch telly when I am camping ! but I do tend to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie on my laptop and of course most campsites do not have WiFi !

Well in the next couple of days I will end this part of the Journey, 7 1/2 months and roughly 20,000 miles to circumnavigate the world !East to East :-)

Im not far off but at the moment I am staying with my Uncle and Aunt in Jacksonville for a few days rest before heading of to the East coast and completing the mission !

So I last wrote I was heading towards Las Vegas, well I had a couple of cracking days and found a motel just off the main drive at a very good rate. I spent the days wandering up and down looking at the massive casinos and all the florescent signs that are found every where in Vegas !

I also took the night bus tour, this was a $20 tour which took place aboard a London open topped double decker bus. I soon made friends with a couple and had a fantastic night, The trip also included a 90 minute stop in old downtown, where I saw a spectacular light show

What a fantastic place ! I would have loved to have stayed for a week or more.

From Vegas I headed over the Hoover dam and onwards to Arizona,
I did start to ride more on the Interstate roads ( think motorways), but every now and then I would drop off onto smaller back roads.
Thru Arizona and then thru New Mexico, Miles and miles of nothing ! I also took the time to do some of the old Route 66, I was quite disappointed ! nothing of note to see apart from a few touristy type shops and cafes.

Then I hit Texas, man that state is huge !! I think it took me about 4 days of riding to get thru it !

I did see cotton fields for the first time and lots of oil well pumps, but it soon became thousands of acres of cotton fields and a million oil pumps !

I was also invited to stay with Lee and Pat and family, I even did a couple of radio interviews of my trip !
I ended up staying for 4 days, once again I had been made to feel like part of the family and was fed well, over fed ! but you cannot go on a road trip and stay forever at peoples houses, so it was time to get moving again.

I had managed to stay just ahead of the cold weather that was quickly chasing me, some mornings I thought the bad weather had managed to catch up with me but I was always lucky and one step ahead !

It was then onto the Gulf of Mexico, following miles and miles of road that hugged the coastline, fantastic scenery but was still a bit nippy first thing in the mornings.

As I approached a town of Pensacola I noticed my rear tyre didnt feel right ... this is what I saw when I looked !

And this was on a Saturday afternoon and all the motorbike dealers were closed ! some of them appeared to  be closed till Tuesday morning !

Anyway, my friend Polly had seen my plight and her husband Doug was in the area and managed to get a hold off a spare tyre for my bike, delivering it to me on Sunday morning it was soon swapped out and I was on my way again. 

Here Doug gives me helpful instructions whilst I sweat to change the tyre out !!

From there on it was back on the road towards my Uncles house, which is where I am now, having a couple of days rest before pushing on again.
Ride Safe, till the next instalment :-)

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