Tuesday, 29 May 2012

last days in Turkey

Just thought I would post a pic. This is not the hotel I am staying at ! actually its the house next door to the Hotel I am staying at.

Having surviving the night at the hostel for homeless people, I set off early so I wasn't riding after 6 o'clock (that was to change!).

Headed off roughly in the direction of the Turkish/Georgia border. The roads were quite bad in places and it seems the way to fix them is to send a group of men out with a barrow full of tar and grit and simply fill the pot hole!!  that makes for very interesting riding, or should I say its like a slalom course trying to avoid the freshly filled but tyre wobbling holes.

Had lunch in Kars, very interesting town, quite modern with strange traffic rules..... there was NONE ! it was every man for himself at each junction, the amount of near misses I saw... well I stopped counting after 20!!

Asked at petrol station if Cilder had a hotel or Otel as there called in Turkey. they said yes, so off I went, did a lovely 40 km detour around a lovely lake, where the kids stand by the side of the road holding out fresh fish, I assume you must stop and buy one for tea !
As I entered Cilder, the heavens opened with huge hailstones and thunder and lightning ! only to find the only Otel in town, which by the looks of it had been derelict for a number of years !!

So I had to back track about 70 km to the next town where I found a hotel, he even let my park my bike in the restaurant which was being refurbished by the looks of things

You see you dont have to be called Ewan to get your bike safely into a hotel :-)

So I am hoping to catch up with the rest of the gang tomorrow for my crossing into Georgia... ohh happy days

Monday, 28 May 2012

Leaving Cappadocia

Just one of those mad days !!!
just rode 400 miles, it was one of those days were it just felt so right to keep riding, the scenary was spectacular. up and down mountain passes... fab !!
The downside of it was about 7 oclock started looking for a hotel, didnt like the town I was in so drove to the next one...... it was 60 miles to the next one! by that time the sun was setting and I was panicking !!
Anyways, found a hotel... I think it is a home for homeless people.. or dropouts, the bike is parked 4 doors up inside a Tyre shop !! and everyone stares at me like I have 2 heads !!! guess having blond hair doesnt quite blend in here in Tercan, Turkey.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

In Cappadocia

After a couple of days rest and sightseeing it was time to leave Istanbul and head east.

We took the ferry out of Istanbul which is a lot quicker than trying to fight your way thru the traffic of Istanbul, which has one rule NO RULES !!! its every man or woman for yourself !!
It also looks like it's compulsory to drive whilst using a mobile phone, being speaking or texting on it !

We did hit bad weather and decided to stop at a Motel, at £9 per night I wasn't complaining.

The following morning saw us split up and finally met at Goreme in Cappadocia, the home of the caves and fairy stacks.
I have decided to have a few days here because there is so much to see and do. The people are so friendly and cant do enough for you.
Tomorrow I plan to take the bike out minus the camping gear and do a 100 mile loop of all the attractions, then head North East towards the Georgian border :-)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In Istanbul

Been in Istanbul for a couple of days now, its a crazy place to be ! we are staying in a district 5 miles from the centre. Its a really lively place and seems to operate 24/7 !
We have done the touristy things and really enjoyed it.

Heading off tomorrow towards central Turkey, looking forward to the rural life after a couple of hectic days in the city.

Also started to learn a few words of Russian, as we are only 8 days away from entering Russia!

Friday, 18 May 2012

update before heading to Turkey or Greece

I know I have been promising to update my blog, well after 4 days at Doug’s moto camp in Bulgaria, I have finally managed to sit down and scribble down my thoughts !

Though I don't know when I will be able to get my blog updated as the internet has been intermittent for the last few days! This is due to the village being served by a wireless link to the mayors house, the problem is the mayors house link to the internet is damaged.

So within 1 week I had rode thru 7 countries, having a 2 day rest at Bran Romania to visit Dracula’s castle.
The weather had been really hot since entering Germany and when I arrived at Bran it was about 30 degrees… oh bliss J however on the Sunday morning I awoke to a grey dull cloudy day, by 12 dinner time the heavens opened ! luckily I had visited the castle and headed back to my lovely hotel room to chill out and read. The bonus being the hotel was lovely and warm.

Monday morning I was up dressed and packed ready to go. There appeared to be a break in the weather, which seem to be affecting the whole of Europe. Setting off at 9 (well it was really 8 but I had forgot to put my watch forward) I headed off thru spectacular mountain passes, only to discover my brakes were not quite working right !! not the time to discover this !

I stopped off in Bucharest to get my brakes looked at before once again heading south to Doug’s moto camp. I arrived at 7 (which was really 8 because I had forgot to put my clock forward). Settled in and decided to treat my self to a room, at £15 per night including breakfast and evening it wasn’t going to break the bank J

Tuesday saw the arrival of the bad thunderstorms and torrential rain, later in the evening saw the arrival of Iain and Debz, totally soaked to the skin !

So where now chilling and prepping the bikes for the ride into Greece and Turkey, my bike needed some work as I discovered all my engine mounting bolts where hand tight at best ! so hopefully that has rid the awful vibration problems I have been having.

Iain has been really busy sorting out his aluminum box that should have been totally waterproofed and it definitely wasn’t.

Thursday night saw the arrival of Dazzer and Leigh, once again they were soaked to the bones !!

Friday 18th May was my 50th birthday, hoping to keep quiet about this one, I walked into breakfast to see everyone waiting for me with a massive happy birthday poster !
I had been rumbled J it was a lovely thought and I must admit I did start to feel a little homesick L.

We are hoping that the weather is going to break as its been raining on and off for 4 days now. The locals are saying that the nice weather will be back on Sunday where we will make our way down to Greece and then onto to Turkey.  

Friday, 11 May 2012

11 May 2012 In Romania

Well I have made it to Romania.. and once again its late and I am very tired.... so I think I will update this blog properly when I reach Doug's campsite in Bulgaria, which should be sometime next week.
Off to stay at Dracula's castle tomorrow.. well not at the castle but you can see the castle from the hotel I am booked into.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

D-Day +3 or 10th May 2012

Well I am now well and truly on the road.
Currently sitting in a very cheap but nice Hotel in Nitra Slovakia :-)

Will do a full update when I get to Bulgaria in a few days because I can hardly keep my eyes open !!

Monday, 7 May 2012

D-day :-)

Nervous and excited as I set off on my journey round the world.

Just spent the morning sorting out last bits and pieces..... then off to the very short 2 mile ride to the ferry via my Mams to say my farewells.

Tomorrow will see my heading thru Europe towards Dougs campsite in Bulgaria, where I will hopefully catch up with a few friends and chill for a few days :-)

See you all in Europe :-)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

D-Day -1

My adventure starts tomorrow !! I am nervous and excited all at the same time.... sometimes waking up in the night thinking what have I forgot !!

Took my bike out yesterday fully loaded and came back to replace the ali box on the back with a bigger one ! there just didnt seem to be enough room in the smaller one.

Going to repack the bike today and start getting the house ready for handover on monday morning :-)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

D-Day -4

Well after a few hectic days including a replacement fork seals (why do these things happen when you are so busy trying to get sorted out?).
My TT600RE is fully prepped with new fork seals and new tyres :-)

My Russian visa is due tomorrow and then its time to load the bike up ready for a Monday departure to Europe via the DFDS ferry from North Shields.

Why do I feel I am about to jump into the Unknown !!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

D-day - 5

Well D-day was supposed have been today but due to Visa delays I am now setting off on Monday the 7th of May 2012 !

That is if my russian visa turns up, which I am sure it will :-)

I have to admit I have butterflies in my stomach and have had a few sleepless nights, Im sure this will all go away once I get on the road.

see ya soon Will