Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lost soul

Well I managed with the help of Doug get my bike registered in my name :-)
Not before I had to pay the lady $360, 300 of that was tax!! yep you pay tax on a used motorcycle in Florida.... maybe the UK is not such a bad place to live lol

So after getting a few bits and pieces for it I decided to take a 2 day trip to Key West the most Southern point of the USA.

All packed for a trail run
The ride down was HOT!! temps were well into the 95 or it felt like a 100! Thankfully I had my mesh jacket and kevalar trousers, which help to keep me cool once I am riding.
I was using the Corbin seat that came with the bike. It was probably the most uncomfortable I have ever sat on! and the way it is shaped pushes you back away from the handlebars, this created terrible shoulder and neck ache!
My destination was Bahia Honda State park via the old Tamiami trail route 41, this was a very pleasant route and there was plenty to stop and see.
I think there's alot of Alligators round here
When I got to the campsite, the ranger wanted $47 for just me and my tent and that was on pea gravel! she said it was the same price even if you came in by RV, now thats not fair is it ?
So I headed back up the road. By this time it was getting close to 8 oclock and I was getting tired. So I found a campsite for $36, still way over my daily campsite budget, I bit the bullet and paid!
As I was just about to start setting up my tent, the owner came over and said I was in the $50 a night pitch spot! So I carried all my stuff 200 metres and finally got set up.
It was so hot though and as I stripped to my shorts I felt I was being eaten alive! So I crawled into my tent with a beer and settled down to watch a movie.
I had planned on staying another night here, however because it was Memorial weekend she was putting up her prices to $55 for my pitch!
So I packed up and headed South.

Hot and Sweaty I make it to the most Southern point of the USA
I decided I would head back towards Doug's and as I got to Homestead the clouds had become very grey and looked quite storm filled!
So I opted for a cheap motel for the night, I did however spend most of the night peeking out of the window to see if my bike was still there! To say it was a dodgy neighbour hood would be an understatement!

I took the 41 back to Doug's, once more plenty of things to see.

He was lying basking in the sun

Here is something you dont see everyday in the UK
So it was a great little ride out of around 500 miles to try the bike out. The Corbin seat soon got swapped out for the stock seat, it seems to put me in a better riding position.

Well I should be heading North towards Alaska soon, just waiting on one more part for my bike.... infact I am all packed and rearing to go... just waiting on the postie lol

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  1. Will, I'm heading out for Alaska, via Glacier National Park, and hope to be in Dawson City on the 20/21 of June. Where are you, what's your itinerary,...

    Hope to see you again on my journey. E-mail me at please. I couldn't receive your last reply.

    Best Regards,

    BTW-Been switching my gear to "Merino Wool" per your advice. Now I find weather has been mild & rather warm up there... oh well, hope I'm nice and comfortable.