Monday, 29 July 2013

Back in the USA

 I forgot to mention the motorbike dealer in Oregon City, well I did mention it but only referred to it as a local bike shop I got my tyres changed in!
So heres a big shout out to Aaron at Apex Sports Oregon City
Great guys and a fantastic service :-)

Sunday 14th July : 150 miles, Haynes Junction to Whitehorse
Short ride as I wanted to spend some more time in Whitehorse, not only did I stay at the same camp site I used the same pitch place as last time. Spent some time exploring Whitehorse and stocking up on fresh food. Gutted as I lost my veterans badge!

Monday 15th July : 300 miles, Whitehorse to Junction 37
I used the same campsite I stopped at on the way up as it has good and cheap laundry facilities.  I was shocked at how much road construction was ongoing.

Tuesday 16th July : 300 miles, Junction 37 to Toad River campground
My original plan was to return South via the route 37, however I heard rumours of about 100 mile of construction, most of it was gravel road. So I decided that I would take the Alaskan Highway all the way back down South, however I was unprepared for the amount of construction work that was not there 2 weeks ago. I spoke to a couple last night and he said, theres 2 seasons in the Yukon, Winter and construction!! So I suppose they have to do all the repair work while the weather is good.

Wednesday 17th July : 340 miles, Toad River campground to Sikanni Chief campground.
It was a lovely hot day and then the black clouds appeared! Soon I was looking at lightning right in front of me, so I headed to the nearest campsite, shared a site with a guy who was heading up to Alaska. We spent the night chatting and talking about the routes around us.

Thursday 18 July : 300 miles. Sikanni Chief campground to Mcloud
Instead of going all the way to Dawsons Creek I took route 29 to Chetwynd, it was a fabulous scenic route with lots of twisty turn. Chetwynd looked familiar until I realise I had passed through the town on my way to Alaska.

Friday  19th July : 320 miles. Mcloud to 100 mile house
I was now on the home straight and hoping to get back into the USA as the cost of everything is sky high in Canada, six pack of beer costs around 15 Canadian dollars!
However it was quite warm and the traffic was heavy so my dream of making back into the USA would have to wait 1 more day.

Saturday 20th July : 300 miles. 100 mile house to Sedre Woodly USA
Well I made good time and hit the border, time for a grilling I was thinking. So the Immagration lady asked me “so whats your story here” I replied, “its not a story, its an adventure!!”
Soon I was telling me of her trip and 20 minutes later she let me go. I took route 9, which was a bit of a mistake as it was such a slow road.

Sunday 21st July : 340 miles. Sedre Woodly to Astoria.
I managed to get hold of my good friend Tom and he was at a family camping meeting in Fort Stevens Astoria. So instead of getting a nice warm comfortable bed it was back to camping for one more night! I am so glad I went to meet him as I had a lovely time with him and Sue and the rest of Sue’s family.

Monday 22nd July Still in Astoria.
Tom decided to stay down in Astoria but at his beach house, so after 6 weeks of camping I was finally sleeping in a real bed J
I also had a great time being driven round by Tom and being showed the local sights, I even got a chance to drive his big truck on the beach, that was great fun.

Tuesday 23rd – 26 July. Chilling at Tom and Sue’s house
It was time for a break and catch up on much needed laundry and bike washing. The bike was filthy after all those miles to Alaska and back. I also carried out a service and checked the bike was in tip top condition. Tom and I also visited the Evergreen air museum, it was packed with interesting exhibits and I could have easily spent 2 days walking around the place.

Saturday 27th July Oregon City to Corvallis
It was sad to leave Tom and Sue’s but I have to make my way to Sturgis so I waved my goodbyes for a short journey down to catch up with another good friend, Nichole. We spent a couple of hours gossiping about bikes and rallies and then took her two children to the local river. It was lovely just to chill out and watch the world go by from the river bank.

Sunday 28th July Corvallis to Dayville
I have stopped in Dayville twice before, this time I was looking forward to a nice pizza, it was really nice that the campsite owner only charged me 10 dollars instead of 15! However the pizza wasn’t up to the usual high standards and was undercooked, hence to say, I threw most of it in the bin!

Monday 29th July Dayville to Glenns Ferry

You may have noticed that I have stopped recording my mileage, this is because my beloved TomTom has finally stopped working and now I am using my garmin nuvi phone as a satnav. So I have no idea of my mileage but I reckon I am still doing 300 miles a day.
I am staying in the same motel I stayed in on the way up to Alaska. Nice and cheap but most of all clean with free wifi!

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