Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back on the road ... but to where ?

Hi all

Well I have been really bad at updating this blog! Then again I am back to camping without the luxury of WiFi.

So I am now at West Yellowstone and about to enter the park tomorrow.

So, how did I get here ? Well I ended up staying another few nights at Tacoma. I just didnt feel too good. I put it down to Jet lag but I felt really drained and lethargic. Not to mention I felt like I had flu like symptoms.

So I finally left Tacoma a week later. I had contacted a guy called Tom from ADV riders site. He was offering tent space or spare room. However he was at a friends small farm for the weekend, he did email me saying I was welcome and that there were other oversea's guys so I would be the only "foreigner" I did laugh! I never thought of myself as a foreigner in the USA.
Well it was a short 140 mile ride to meet Tom and the rest of the guys n girls. I have to say, I was slightly nervous of meeting them all but within minutes I was made very welcome and just felt part of it all.

There was of course, lots of beer and tons of food to eat. We all sat round the fire as Sue (Tom's wife) handed around the "teapot".. however this wasnt tea ! it was full of all sorts of spirits!  However it did go down rather well !

Round the campfire

Shaun the host, Ray from Manchester and Beth the hostess

toasting buns for breakfast

the morning after banter around the fire

So, Tom and Sue invited me back to stay with them. Tom took me over an excellent route to his house, stopping to take pictures of local beauty spots.
Tom also took me out for a ride in his lovely old car ( I cant remember the age, it was all just to much to take in ),
Tom showing me the local sights

Tom and I about to go for a drive 

So 1 day turned into 2 and then 3, Then Sue says Pot roast night..... so it was 4 nights
Sue's pot roast, it was so delicious :-) 
So I finally left Tom and Sue's, Though I think I would have been quite happy to stay for months ! Infact the bed was so comfortable, I started to feel homesick !

Sue and Tom, wonderful host's

So I hit the road, well the wrong road. Tom said take route 26 but somehow I ended up on the 30 and came round the back of Mount Hood, where I ran out of fuel but luckily carrying spare fuel. I ended up camping on the shore of a lake. You cant beat waking up and opening up your tent to a fantastic view

So it was back on the road and I found route 20, which took me to a lovely little quaint village called "Dayville". It was early in the afternoon but the sun was scorching and I decided to stop for the night. Julie the woman who ran the local garage/store offered to make me a pizza. I didnt think it would be as big as it was ! There was so much I was still eating it for breakfast.

Julie, cooked me a huge delicious pizza

on the Oregon Trail

I havent managed to many miles because every 20 minutes I seem to see something and stop to look or take a picture. Of course I keep going ohhhhh as I ride past things.

So I am now at the edge of Yellowstone Park. I intend to spend a few days here, head East to Custers last stand and then down to Sturgis. Till then, Ride Safe :-)

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