Monday, 27 August 2012

Following Eddie Murphy and Coming to America

Well I made it to Canada, were I had the biggest shock of my life, the price of food and drink in Canada!

a 12 pack of small Bud cost me £17!!! I am not going to mention the price I had to pay for the hotel just in case my kids are reading this and think that I have spent all of their inheritance.

I would say the hotel was fairly close to the airport
So after a couple of days it was time to take the Greyhound bus from Vancouver main to Seattle where I would change bus and finally arrive at Tacoma to collect my bike.

The Greyhound bus terminal
On the way we got talking to some firefighters that were doing a charity event. I asked if I could wear a helmet and very soon was given a hose to play with !

Me playing at Fireman Sam 
At the bus depot the bus pulled in and we started to make our way to the bus. The bus driver shouted at us "Going somewhere? then back it up to the line!" I was quite shocked. This bus driver didnt take any messing!
Soon we were on the bus and at the border.
The approach to the USA Border
Luckily the bus was allowed to take the bus lane and within 30 minutes all the passengers were processed. There was one girl who got a proper grilling but did eventually join us back on the bus. 
I was given a 6 month stay due to having an american visa, so I was very pleased at this, though I too got a bit of a grilling.... suppose its just all part of the process.

The bus swap over was fairly easy and within a few hours we had reached Tacoma, then a short but very costly $10 taxi ride to our hotel.

Today Dazzer and me made our way to customs to get the paperwork done, The bikes however will not be released till tomorrow (Tuesday) so hopefully in the very near future I will be on the road again.
I need to do some small repairs and hopefully find somewhere to do an oil and filter change.

view from my hotel with the docks in the background

Till then... ride safe

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