Friday, 18 May 2012

update before heading to Turkey or Greece

I know I have been promising to update my blog, well after 4 days at Doug’s moto camp in Bulgaria, I have finally managed to sit down and scribble down my thoughts !

Though I don't know when I will be able to get my blog updated as the internet has been intermittent for the last few days! This is due to the village being served by a wireless link to the mayors house, the problem is the mayors house link to the internet is damaged.

So within 1 week I had rode thru 7 countries, having a 2 day rest at Bran Romania to visit Dracula’s castle.
The weather had been really hot since entering Germany and when I arrived at Bran it was about 30 degrees… oh bliss J however on the Sunday morning I awoke to a grey dull cloudy day, by 12 dinner time the heavens opened ! luckily I had visited the castle and headed back to my lovely hotel room to chill out and read. The bonus being the hotel was lovely and warm.

Monday morning I was up dressed and packed ready to go. There appeared to be a break in the weather, which seem to be affecting the whole of Europe. Setting off at 9 (well it was really 8 but I had forgot to put my watch forward) I headed off thru spectacular mountain passes, only to discover my brakes were not quite working right !! not the time to discover this !

I stopped off in Bucharest to get my brakes looked at before once again heading south to Doug’s moto camp. I arrived at 7 (which was really 8 because I had forgot to put my clock forward). Settled in and decided to treat my self to a room, at £15 per night including breakfast and evening it wasn’t going to break the bank J

Tuesday saw the arrival of the bad thunderstorms and torrential rain, later in the evening saw the arrival of Iain and Debz, totally soaked to the skin !

So where now chilling and prepping the bikes for the ride into Greece and Turkey, my bike needed some work as I discovered all my engine mounting bolts where hand tight at best ! so hopefully that has rid the awful vibration problems I have been having.

Iain has been really busy sorting out his aluminum box that should have been totally waterproofed and it definitely wasn’t.

Thursday night saw the arrival of Dazzer and Leigh, once again they were soaked to the bones !!

Friday 18th May was my 50th birthday, hoping to keep quiet about this one, I walked into breakfast to see everyone waiting for me with a massive happy birthday poster !
I had been rumbled J it was a lovely thought and I must admit I did start to feel a little homesick L.

We are hoping that the weather is going to break as its been raining on and off for 4 days now. The locals are saying that the nice weather will be back on Sunday where we will make our way down to Greece and then onto to Turkey.  

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