Monday, 28 May 2012

Leaving Cappadocia

Just one of those mad days !!!
just rode 400 miles, it was one of those days were it just felt so right to keep riding, the scenary was spectacular. up and down mountain passes... fab !!
The downside of it was about 7 oclock started looking for a hotel, didnt like the town I was in so drove to the next one...... it was 60 miles to the next one! by that time the sun was setting and I was panicking !!
Anyways, found a hotel... I think it is a home for homeless people.. or dropouts, the bike is parked 4 doors up inside a Tyre shop !! and everyone stares at me like I have 2 heads !!! guess having blond hair doesnt quite blend in here in Tercan, Turkey.

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