Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In Istanbul

Been in Istanbul for a couple of days now, its a crazy place to be ! we are staying in a district 5 miles from the centre. Its a really lively place and seems to operate 24/7 !
We have done the touristy things and really enjoyed it.

Heading off tomorrow towards central Turkey, looking forward to the rural life after a couple of hectic days in the city.

Also started to learn a few words of Russian, as we are only 8 days away from entering Russia!


  1. Hi Geordie, Jools Rideout here! All going well I hope, would be interested to know which way you plan to cross Russia? Keep safe mate!

  2. Hi Jool's
    Hope things are well with you.
    Plan to cross from Georgia to Russia, which up to the beginning of this year was closed to non-CIS citizens... ie me n you lol
    So maybe I will get thru or not... If I cant I will get ferry from Georgia to Russia :-)