Sunday, 3 June 2012

Goodbye Turkey hello Georgia

Well after a good nights sleep and my last Turkish breakfast consisting of boiled eggs and cornflakes... not all together though! it was time to say goodbye to Turkey.

As I left the hotel the skies were starting to look black and I just knew it was a matter of time before the heavens opened. Time it would seem was about 10 minutes into my ride. Also I had noticed the clutch felt a little slack, so I stopped to put on my waterproofs and gave the clutch cable a quick glance and this is what I saw

Not good news! it would appear that only one strand was operating the clutch.
So off I went to climb 8,000 feet over a mountain summit and down a mountain in stotting rain and little clutch left!

The Calvary arrived in the shape of Iain, Debz, Dazzer n Leigh.  We soon had an emergency cable fitted and was on our way (my spare clutch cable is sat on my workbench in my garage at home, yep forgot to pack it !!).

The sun had come out as we approached the Georgian border, this look like it was the first day it was open, as it was very new looking and there were lots of top brass and photographers hanging around. needless to say we were thru in a few minutes...... then the heavens opened again.

As we hit the first town and started to look for an ATM a guy offered to show us a hotel, at £8 per night it was really nice and comfortable.

The next morning Iain and Debz headed off on there own while me and Dazzer headed towards the Georgian Military Highway.  This is a fantastic road though a little worn in places.

We progressed up towards the border finding a small hotel for the night, we also met 3 Czech guys and had a crazy night speaking a mixture of English German and Czech.... there were quite a few beers n shorts consumed.

The following morning after breakfast it was time to do the last few miles to the border, though the scenery and mountains were stunning the road at the summit was hardly a road, more like a rough gravel, pot holed lane ! well worth the hard work though.

Then it was time to enter Russia........

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