Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lazy days in Ulan Bator Mongolia

Well this will be my 3rd and last night at the hotel. I have to check out tomorrow because the hotel is full!

Going to head off to try and meet up with the GobiGirls, Belle and Nads. I am getting a bit worried as I havent heard from them in a few days. I am sure they are fine and its just me being typically worried lol

I spend most of my days wandering down to the park and watch the older people play chess and draughts. I even had a game of chess but got my butt well and truely whooped!

The cost of living here is relatively cheap, today I bought 3 cans of beer, packet of cigs, 2 bananas, bottle of water, packet of peanuts and a packet of biscuits for £4.

I have a couple of downer moments. I went to get paracetamol and the girl on the reception desk said they were really cheap, when I got to the chemist they asked for nearly £7. So I said no thanks. 
Walked to the tourist place, I often pop in to say hi... anyway, she says paracetamol are really cheap. So tried another chemist and got charged 40p for a pack. so you can see I was being ripped off!

Also this morning walked to the Sky supermarket, to replace the beer from the mini bar I had used (£1.50 mini bar price, supermarket 50p) and she asked me to put my daysack into the locker, not a problem, so off I went to get 2 beers and a bottle of water. Paid for them and while I was putting the stuff in my daysack, an older woman asked to see my receipt. I was furious because this woman had stood and watch me pay for the goods. Luckily for me, the receipt was in the carrier bag. I said to her "Do I look like a shoplifter". sorry but that incident left a sour taste in my mouth.

Of course with all cites you get statues and monuments. so here are a few

You also get stunning women, not that I spend much time looking at them but I do tend to spend a lot of time down the park lol

I am also looking at changing my route, well after all it is an adventure!
If I can get the bike shipped back to the UK cheaply, Then I may get the train or fly to China, from there make my way south and visit Hong Kong.
In Thailand I will try and buy a small cc bike and head down towards Australia.
The only country I need to get a visa for is China (Australia has an on-line application form) the rest I can buy quite cheaply at the borders.

Well I check out of the hotel tomorrow and not sure where I will be staying, so heres till the next time I have internet access.

Ride Safe Will


  1. Of course where else would you expect to see a statue of the beatles! Mongolia! Brilliant!

  2. Hello there, it's Damien in the Oasis Guesthouse, nice pics from this city !
    Here is our blog address :
    Few articles are in english but we're trying to translate more of them ;)
    Have a nice trip and good luck!