Friday, 15 June 2012

Long roads of Russia

Well it has now been 2 weeks since I entered Russia with Dazzer and Leigh. We have rode many many long and boring roads together. Every now and then we split up and meet up further up the road, bit like a massive game of hide and seek !

I have met some fantastic people in Russia, starting with Dennis, I was sitting eating pancakes when this massive bloke jumped off his bike to say hello, Dennis is like a tower block ! I like to think of him as a Gentle Giant :-)

Talking of pancakes, it too me almost 20 minutes to order 2 pancakes with cheese on! in the end I had to resort to my little book of pictures to get some, I went off muttering to myself as I found a quiet corner to eat the said pancakes.

Anyway, back to meeting Dennis, I told him my clutch cable had broke and he said no problem come to Samara and took me to meet with Alexander and his lovely wife Sveta.

As we were riding along we passed Dazzer n Leigh, they tagged on to us and we all made it to a lovely motel, food and drink was enjoyed as we talked the night away about motorbikes and travelling.
The next day we set off for Samara and after a long days ride (where Sveta had decided to do a Superwoman impression and come off her bike..... thankfully no bad injuries and her bike was up and running within 30 minutes) we arrived in Samara.
we then dropped off the bikes at a motorbike service shop and headed off to the Hotel for the night.
The next couple of days the bikers took us everywhere and got the bike all sorted, They even managed to get my clutch cable repaired :-)
I dont ever think I could thank the guys n girls enough for all the hard work they did for us :-)

Sveta, a real SuperWoman !

The next few days were just long riding days, can you imagine riding a road that is straight for the next 40 miles ! or the sat nav saying, next turn off in 122 miles ! its crazy and quite boring, the only way to pass the time is to sing to yourself... so you can see.. I have now gone "Road Crazy" 

Some days I have to look at my watch to work out what day it is... often I think back to Turkey or Bulgaria.. thinking it was months ago when it was only a few weeks ago !

I forgot to say, spent 2 days in Volgograd or Stalingrad where we spent the day doing the tourist thing. The memorial of Mother Russia is spectacular and is well worth a visit

So I now find myself in Novosibirsk, I think this is the halfway point. Tomorrow I head off towards Ulan Ude and hopefully within a week I should have entered Mongolia...... Until the next time.... Thanks for reading and ride safe :-)

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