Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Heading for Mongolia

Still on the road heading east, it seems like every night we put our clocks forward by 1 hour, we are now 8 hours ahead of the UK.

So a couple of days ago my back brake started to play up, so we bled it and it was ok. then one day no back brake!! quite scary as we hit the bad roads.

The roads have been a mix of fantastic smooth tarmac to chewed up bumpy roads and then you get this... without any warning. So you find yourself constantly watching the road ahead, which is a shame because theres a lot to see.

So, one day I notice Daz and Leigh have stopped at the side of a road, at first I thought "they have left something at the hotel" so I turn round and there 100 metres from the road is this

Two bears!!! fascinating to watch but scary at the same time. we sat on the bikes taking photo's, just incase they decided we looked like a tasty lunch !

So I put an SOS out to Sveta in Samarah, telling her that my brakes need looking at. She finds a guy called Dmitry who speaks English, so meet him and head for a Hostel. The hostel owner knows a biker called Alexy. He turns up and organises a trip to a motorbike service shop.

So we go off and the service guy strips my brake to find dust is the problem. At the same time the lower my bike and chop a little of my sidestand because I have been struggling to stand my bike up.

So all is now well and we make preparation to head down to Ulan Batar Mongolia where I have a new set of tyres waiting for me.

okay, this is a stuffed bear, there was 4 stuffed bears..... good job I do not have a phobia of bears !!
and that is sweat on me... the days are very hot and sticky! I am not complaining when I think of the weather we get in the UK.

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