Sunday, 3 June 2012

Russia sends a warm welcome

Welcome to Russia

The Border crossing was quite smooth taking around 2 hours including leaving Georgia. The border guards were really pleasant and were interested in our trip.
Finally all the paperwork was dealt with and the barrier was opened and for the first time I was in Russia

As you can see I was pleased as punch to be in Russia

And so was Dazzer and Leigh!

We stopped at a large town to find an ATM and a crowd gathered to ask questions about our trip. one guy took me in his car to a cashpoint so I could get some Roubles. it was quite scary being driven by a Russian as there appears to be no rules on the road!
While I was away, a guy called Alic offered his house for us to stay in. So we followed him home, was shown to 2 massive bedrooms and then stuffed with food !!! 
Then we were given a real Russian welcome and out came the vodka !! needless to say, Dazzer sloped off to bed quite early. I was daft enough to stay up ! mind my head was in bits in the morning.
I dont think theres enough words to thank Alic for his kindness and hospitality. we were treated like Kings!

After 2 long days of riding we are now in Volgograd, formally Stalingrad, where we will do a couple of nights stay and head into the city for our tourist fix.
I also need to see if I can get a clutch cable and some oil to do a service on my bike as I have now done over 4,000 miles since leaving home almost a month ago.

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